Uptown Biodiesel - for Cleaner City Air


23 October 2018                                                       

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Monday to Saturday -  9 am to 5 pm
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Biodiesel as a Road Fuel   

For use by any road going diesel vehicle.

Please contact us for todays price for bulk road transport fuel: 0207 9286300,

For biodiesel purchases at our forecourt in Southwark, please come by to see the price board at the pump.

Road Transport fuel is sold fully inclusive of HMRC duty and standard VAT.

Biodiesel for Buildings  

Increasing numbers of companies are using our fuel to power their buildings.

This allows them to save money by claiming Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

It also positively impacts an organisations standing in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) league table. Save money, lower emissions!

Please get in touch for a price specific to your use and location.

A small amount of duty is chargeable on generator fuel, as is VAT at the standard rate.

Biodiesel Heating Oil

Biodiesel is widely used for oil fired heating applications, please get in touch for a price specific to your use and location.

VAT is chargeable on heating fuel oil according to the following rates:

For Domestic use:           +5%

For Commercial use:      +20.0%

Biodiesel for Non Road use

Tractors, diggers and generators can take advantage of duty free or duty reduced biodiesel

Biodiesel can and is used instead of Red Diesel by farmers and builders and others with non-road applications.

If you wish to buy and use biodiesel instead of Red Diesel, please contact us to discuss the vat and duty implications for your application.

We're here to help, so please call on 0207 928 6300 or email us at